Sunday, March 20, 2011

the beginning....

"How did you find out?" It's the question everybody's been asking me lately, so here's the short of it:

Having had dense, fibrous breasts my entire life, I had grown rather accustomed to the obligatory monthly breast exam. Having suffered from a healthy dose of anxiety my entire life regarding said breasts, I dreaded the obligatory monthly breast exam.

Being a girl's tough. It's really tough.

My anxiety would get so bad, that no fewer than three times this year I have seen my doctor for an exam to ensure that my findings were consistent with hers.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my doctor three weeks ago and immediately following the exam she ordered a mammogram. Did I mention I'm only 33? I thought I had a good seven years before mammograms became a part of my life. Apparently, the Universe has other plans.

So, one mammogram, two ultrasounds, two biopsies, one MRI and numerous doctors' appointments later, I have a cancer diagnosis. And in just over two weeks I'm scheduled to have a bilateral mastectomy with direct-implant reconstruction, a procedure that--to my knowledge--can take anywhere from five to eight hours.

I have an appointment with my general surgeon tomorrow and will hammer out the details concerning this surgery and subsequent recovery. I'm looking forward to garnering more information about all this crazy cancer stuff! It empowers me and that's a feeling that makes all this a lot more bearable.

I'll keep you all informed as I navigate these turbulent waters. <3

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