Sunday, April 17, 2011


I knew going into this whole thing it would be a process not an instantaneous experience where with the snap of my fingers I would awaken from surgery with no pain or discomfort and the closest thing a post-cancer patient could achieve to perfect breasts.

I harbored no idealized view as to the nature of the healing process or the fact that there would be unprecedented pain and harrowing discomfort.

I understood, at least theoretically, that the healing process would leave me physically altered and emotionally temporarily wounded--albeit stronger.

Part of the physical process has been wearing a binding bra--one that bears a striking resemblance to a bulletproof vest.

That's right. My undergarments--at least the upper one--is more Rambo than Victoria's Secret. Rather than silk and lace, I'm pretty sure it's composed of Kevlar.

I could deflect enemy fire with it.

Which sort of makes me even more super hero than we originally thought. ;)

Having been honed and refined through years of calamity and enormous hardship, I was already pretty assured of my super hero status, but having some of the gear really helps add to my persona.

I have to--you know--look the part. ;)

So, as we speak, I'm composing a Super Holl patch to sew to said bra.

The bra to end all bras.

So take that, Heidi Klum! ;)


  1. Dearest Hollie,

    You are such a toughie!! I know you will get through this and anything else that gets in your way. I love you and your mom so much!!! It would be fun to get together with you two for lunch when you are feeling better. call me: 801 859-1951. I checked out your other blogs..loved the bit about the elves at play and the geriatric crack me up!!
    Take care,
    Kelly K

  2. i love you Holl! you are such a lovely soul! i love your posts and read them faithfully. {BIG HUGS}

  3. Great post. I've put your blog on that little strip at the top of the browser where you put all your favorite websites. You know what I'm talking about. :) You're awesome! This is Mary btw.