Sunday, April 10, 2011

good news all around!

I had only moments of lucidity over the last several days. It's been four days since my mastectomy and I have only these tiny little bits of clarity where I remember conversations and visits and--in one instance--blogging.

Probably not my most well-written post, but likely entertaining. ;)

The last thought I had prior to mastectomy, was lying down on an operating table and being regaled by a nurse as to her plans to give me a catheter while I was under.

"You have my blessing. You can do whatever you want, once I'm out." I replied.

Then nothing. No having me count backwards. I just remember being carted around the expansive campus of Intermountain Medical Center and feeling frustrated at how everyone was jostling me. I think I tried to engage nurses and orderlies in a conversation that was likely very amusing and utterly confusing.

I'm fun to watch when I'm drugged...or so I hear.

After what seemed like an eternity of settling in, I was given the preliminary results surgery, including whether the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.

Six lymph nodes were taken and all the tumors/masses found in ultrasounds and MRI over the last five plus weeks were biopsied.

No cancer in my lymph nodes. None. Zero. Nil. Zilch. Etc.

And it gets better: of the seven spots found, you'll remember I had only had two of them that were biopsied before surgery. Because the two we had already checked were malignant and I had already opted for a bilateral mastectomy, my surgeons didn't think it necessary to biopsy the others prior to surgery. The results of the pathology regarding these? None of the addtional spots had cancer. So, only the first two I found were cancerous.

You can now release a sigh of relief. I sure did.

I meet with my oncologist this week and will receive more specifics regarding my prognosis and will keep you all, 'abreast,'



  1. That is great news Hollie! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. From one sister survivor to another, you keep on going! You have a great attitude, and am convinced that that is what gets you through! Good luck!