Friday, April 1, 2011

rockin' the pink

So it's coming. It's right around the proverbial bend. I sit here gazing out my window at this outrageously-perfect spring day; the kind where you start to remember what the warmth of spring and summer feels like on your skin. I think spring's a great time to have THE SURGERY. It's a time of, 'out with the old, in with the new.' What better way to herald spring than by purging myself of my current cancer-laden breasts and replacing them with better (bigger) silicone ones?

The Universe does work in mysterious ways. ;)

It's so warm in here, I have the overhead fan going and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to tear my eyes from the endless cyan sky outside. The grass is becoming freckled with deep green patches in preparation for the coming summer. Everything feels mellow, warm and incredibly hopeful.

Yeah. Spring is Mastectomy Season.

I'm a huge believer in the power of timing. Good timing is never to be underestimated. Finding my tumors=excellent timing.

Having THE SURGERY in the spring--I'm pretty sure will be good timing.

Here's a picture of me taken at my last appointment with the plastic surgeon. To clarify: apparently the angle of this photo highlights what many, including myself, consider to be one of my very best traits: my baby tooth in the front. Yes I'm 33 and have cancer and I'm 33 and still have a baby tooth. I am a woman of surprising and endearing contradiction. I feel compelled to explain the baby tooth as it looks in this photo almost as though I have no tooth there at all. A slightly less adorable look, to be sure. ;)


  1. Hollie,

    Spring is a GREAT time to have your surgery!! I thought winter was good so I could hide out during my recovery and not be sad from my restrictions because I wouldn't want to do anything in the cold weather anyways! haha but I was wrong...I wanted more than anything to be able to sit on my back porch and enjoy some nice warm weather during recovery. I'm glad you will have that for your time : ) I wish you the best and you're in my prayers!


  2. That picture is the cutest, as is the tooth. You are a babe, best of luck today!!