Sunday, May 29, 2011

healing is a team sport!

I've mentioned before that cancer has this ugly, inescapable tendency to isolate you and it does. Inevitably, you face every facet of it's course--from diagnosis to remission--alone.

For some reason finding a proxy to undergo chemo on your behalf, isn't really how it works.

Shocking, I know. ;)

One remarkable thing about cancer, is the opportunity it provides you to make room in your life for the assistance you need. If you're anything like me, then you're charmingly stubborn. I have a problem resisting the urge to keep my problems and suffering to myself. I have an overwhelming urge to stifle any need for help from people.

Why? Because I have a fear. No--a phobia would be a better term. I have a MASSIVE fear of being a burden to people.

I have a surfeit of self esteem, so no problem there. I've just always been pretty competent; very capable. To the extent that I actually irritate myself.

My friend Angie, lovingly volunteered to wash my hair post-mastectomy as some of my arm movement was limited. I even had the opportunity to wear a smock adorned with monsters that is generally the exclusive property of her eight-year old son. :)

But cancer, has not afforded me the luxury of being fully self sufficient. It has forced my hand. It has necessitated in me the need to not only accept help, but to actually ask for it.

Growth in spades. Way to go, Holl!

So this is a big, fat, gargantuan, 'thank you!' to everyone. From you all reading my blog, to the people I'm about to detail whose efforts to improve and simplify my life during this ridiculously harrowing spell are soooooo appreciated!
My daughter and her friend had a lemonade stand to raise money for breast cancer research.
Here's my girl and her pal, whose grandmother also had breast cancer.

I've also received some of the most adorable gifts, cards and yummy meals. Here's one of my faves from my friend, Sarah.

Pink donuts paired to guessed it: boobs.

I really could not have gotten through all this without the loving support and encouragement from everyone!

Long live the ladies! ;)

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