Sunday, January 1, 2012

good riddance, 2011!

I typically imagine my life--not as a linear strand of events--but rather a complex, landscape of varied terrain.

And inevitably, on my wandering path through said landscape, I find myself encountering one striking vista after another. BUT the Universe is not content to let me view these sights through nothing more than my standard vision--awesome though it may be. But rather I am required to see them through ever- evolving eyes so that each unique experience is observed through a constantly changing perspective.

This year, and its subsequent foray into the world of cancer, required some real trailblazing on my part and I found myself donning a new lens through which to view my life.

2011 was a year characterized by my first--and last--mammogram. Ultrasounds, biopsies, MRI's, three surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo and its subsequent hair loss, tissue expanders, and allergic reactions (all of which I'll get into in a later post.) Not to mention the acquiring of a team of gifted surgeons and clinicians and a whole new title to add to my life's resume:

Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire.

However, this year will also be remembered as the year I gained greater perspective, finally learned patience, developed greater control over my thoughts and attitude, realized the breadth of relationships and discerned my increasing fortitude.

So, while I'm eager to embrace the coming year and brand it with a fresh perspective, I am not unappreciative of the blessings this year has provided.

I will make this clear: like junior high, 2011 was an essential and formative period for me, I just have no desire to repeat it! ;)

*I feel I should note that the aforementioned mammogram is my last only because--having endured a double mastectomy and subsequent reconstruction--my circumstances will require me to have only physical exams and regular MRI's. I am nothing if not an avid proponent of regular mammograms. Consider me an ever-responsible provider of relevant disclaimers! :)

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