Monday, October 29, 2012


So cancer, without a doubt, was such a frustrating experience with which to contend. I've mentioned before how irritating it was to feel like I had gotten myself pointed in the direction I wanted to go only to have cancer waylay me.

No one likes feeling powerless and I least of all. The Universe foisting this trial of cancer on me with absolutely no input from me, mind you, was almost too much for this headstrong Hollie to bear.

Peace was sometimes just not to be found.

But keeping a sense of humor with myself was imperative and cancer didn't disappoint in giving me plenty of opportunities to laugh at myself.

For instance, a couple of days after my third round of chemo, I noticed the injection sight for my chemotherapy located on the inside of my left elbow, began to look infected. Infection is never a good thing, but chemo suppresses the immune system which makes getting an infection even more ominous.
So,as a standard measure,  my oncologist prescribed me antibiotics. The antibiotics were some I had taken numerous times. But this time, I started to feel a little funny....

I noticed welts forming under my skin, and soon enough I experienced difficulty breathing. Clearly I was having an anaphylactic reaction.

I got my sweet self to the emergency room where I was plied adrenaline and was back to my usual, welt-free self soon enough.

But one thing that was more than a little amusing, perhaps the only symptom of shock that was utterly hysterical, was my lips......Oh my. I looked all sorts of stripper.

They. Were. Huge.

Imagine a hot dog cut in half length-wise, opened and stuck to my face. Too hard to imagine? Well aren't you lucky I took a pic.....

Here are my lips at about 60% of the total size they achieved. All I can say is.....

Yeah...every cancer patient needs a good laugh, even if it's just at yourself!



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